This summer, we are organising an exhibition about JVB in JVB!


It will showcase student collective living - the everyday life and the diversity of collective practices from the present and the past. How do we live together here?


What is so special about living at the JVB? What does it mean to live as a 16 or 18? What are your best memories? What are your most amazing inventions? What were your most incredible adventures?


The exhibition will cover main themes:

  • Not as intended - adhoc innovations and solutions

  • Communing - practices of managing shared resources

  • Mengelmoes of doing - different activities which define JVB


Show us! Capture it in an image or send through an image you have taken already and explain why. The best photos will be included in the exhibition and the photographers will receive a gift as a reward.

Send to

The exhibition will mostly showcase photography, if you have a really good idea for a different format, do it!


The exhibition aims to celebrate the richness and diversity of the complex and the inhabiting community. Right now, there are plenty of discussions about the way people want to live in 21st century and considering collective living is important. JVB is a unique case of collaboration and collectivity which has been sustaining itself for decades like a living organism. It’s time to appreciate what’s right in front of us and show it to other people.



Do you feel passionate about JVB?

Do you like this idea and would like to get involved? Or maybe you want to get some experience in organising events / curating / building / funding / social media / communication / logistics / production / graphic design?


If so, send us an email to explain who you are, why you’d like to volunteer and what you think you could contribute.