Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Zakiyyah Haffejee and Kirtana Kannan & Sharon Preela Mani on joint first prize of the Jacoba van Beierenlaan Analytical Drawing Competition. The jury decided to split the prize because whilst both drawings are remarkable, they employ very different techniques. As such, it is interesting to look at them together. They complement each other in making a productive contribution to the discourse of co-living. 

"Passages Through Time and Space” was praised for the way it showed the key architectural elements of the building, depicting both the functionality as well as the unique atmosphere and character. The judges felt that the drawing really captured the liveliness of the JVB. 

"The Clumsy Ingenuity of Jacoba Van Beierenlaan” offered a spot on analysis, focusing on the communal areas. The playful graphical style was able to combine a wide variety of information about the building and the inhabiting community.

"Passages Through Time and Space" by Zakiyyah Haffejee from South Africa

"The stories within these walls were inspired by the countless number of memories and histories that have emerged from the JVB student housing complex. Through a speculative labyrinthine spatial arrangement, the drawing shows moments of opportunity for re-coding the domestic setting, the drawing pays homage to the ad-hoc architectures that have developed through the course of the buildings life. Each plan and section aims to tell a different story relating to a specific moment in the history of the building. This drawing aims to capture the spirit and light-hearted nature of student life through the buildings many lifespans, each creating a new definition for space, and each space evolving as time passes."

"The Clumsy Ingenuity of Jacoba Van Beierenlaan" by Kirtana Kannan and Sharon Preela Mani from India

"Our drawing titled 'The Clumsy Ingenuity of Jacoba Van Beierenlaan' intends to communicate the nature of co- living spaces where every part of the building, whether interior or exterior, finds a quirky function and paves way to some extremely creative solutions. We wanted to show that people tend to come up with unique ideas to manoeuvre around and utilise their space effectively in the most unique setting. An ever-evolving culture that is developed through the moving in and moving out of numerous inhabitants over different timelines imparts a distinct identity to the built environment of Jacoba Van Beierenlaan."